You may have heard, Zana Fraillon and I wrote a book together from opposite sides of the country. We had never met at that point, but we were Twitter friends and in fact, we planned The Raven's Song on Twitter.

“I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a book as I was in that first crazy planning burst that Bren and I had over Twitter. We were messaging so quickly that my fingers couldn’t keep up, and each new idea resulted in a burst of further new ideas. It was like an explosion of creativity!”Zana Fraillon

We were more than halfway through the book when covid arrived and put a stop to the idea of ever getting together in person, and almost put a stop to the novel because in one character's timeline there was a pandemic and the real thing had made it not fun to write about anymore!

“I remember panicking to my writing crew when covid hit – I honestly thought the book wouldn’t be publishable. Pre November 2019, the idea of a global pandemic that shut the world down was the stuff of science fiction books. It couldn’t possibly happen in a Capitalist world!”Zana Fraillon

But by then we were enjoying working together too much, it turned into a thing that kept us going through lockdown, and so we decided to see the novel to its end. Whether the world was interested in it or not. That novel was The Raven's Song.

Well dear readers, you will be pleased to know the authors did eventually get together with the publishers all in one place shortly before the book launched. And though we imagined it would be like running across a field of sunflowers or fireworks exploding it was actually just like we were old friends meeting for coffee... because we are. Any explosions are all safely contained within the pages of The Raven's Song.