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Short bio:
Bren lives in Kalbarri, WA, and writes junior fiction set in climate changed futures. Her books consistently win or are placed in awards in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She writes to show children surviving and in some cases thriving, because she believes environmental fact can quickly become overwhelming, but fiction allows us to examine things through the lense of a fictional characters and discuss elements of climate change in a non-confronting way. 'We are at the stage of climate change where adults cannot look away, but that doesn't mean that children can't have hope and can't discuss the issues safely and without fear.'

Long bio:
Bren was raised in a muddle of backwater villages, farms and towns in heartland New Zealand. And, in the tradition of restless young people everywhere, she heaved on a backpack and spent a couple of years exploring the world: Asia, Europe and Africa mostly. She went overland most of the way, due to a lack of funds, living and travelling under local conditions.

Bren has lived in Whanganui, Hawkes Bay, Waikato, Tauranga, Frankfurt, London, Auckland and Sydney before finally stopping off in Melbourne for 20 years, where she raised two children. But the wandering was too deep in her bones. She rode motorbikes across the US twice, and around parts of Australia, then finally after a house fire, sold everything and moved into a bus. She toured Australia for two years, and when Coronavirus shut down the borders she stopped off in Kalbarri on the insanely gorgeous mid west coast of Australia to run holiday villas.

When Bren was young, she'd only eat bread and honey, and that honey got deep into her bones and made her love bees. When she was a teenager she'd spend hours tapping out stories on an old typewriter. The wonderful children's and young adult books she read with her own kids inspired her back into writing. She has a special interest in science fiction and loves to write to explore the future.

Bren attended Clarion South in 2004 and a Manuscript Development program with Qld Writers Centre and Allen & Unwin in 2011. Bren also won the Ampersand Prize in 2015 for her first ever YA, In The Dark Spaces, writing as Cally Black, to separate her an older readership from her children's books. In The Dark Spaces is a dark and wild YA SF thriller published by Hardie Grant Egmont. 'How to Bee' was accepted weeks later by Allen & Unwin and is set in a post pollinator, post famine Australia, where children hand-pollinate fruit trees. Both books came out in the middle of 2017. Bren's next book for children, 'The Dog Runner', came out in May 2018. 'How to Bee' hit the UK shelves in May 2018 published by Old Barn Books and is now also published in Canada by Groundwood Books and in France by Helium Editions and there will be a Korean version soon. 'The Dog Runner' was also published in the UK by Old Barn Books. Across the Risen Sea is her 2020 novel for children and hit the Aus, NZ and UK shelves in August 2020.
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