about-clare Hi, my name is Bren and I write novels for young readers. I'm fascinated by the future and all things science fiction. I adore the many natural environments we have downunder.

I have travelled extensively and I really love life in Kalbarri on the mid west coast of Australia and think it's very unfair I sometimes have to leave and go out into the real world.

My love of the environment and fascination with the future have naturally combined in my novels for children and I hope the wild adventures I write give young readers tools and a language to talk about the kinds of futures they want to see. If we can dream it, we can build it.

Some quick facts:

  • Born in New Zealand
  • Raised on the land in New Zealand
  • Went to many schools in New Zealand
  • Backpacked around the world in my 20s
  • Lived for 20 years in Melbourne
  • Have two adult kids and a dog
  • Have ridden motorbikes around the US
  • Lived in a bus travelling around Australia for 2 years
  • Now run a holiday business in Kalbarri, WA.
  • Hobbies: Swimming, walking the dog, kayaking, hiking
  • I drive a fully electric car and I don't eat meat or dairy - more ways to save the world

Young Bren